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I was born in Venezuela and moved to Orlando, United States in 2014. When I was little I used to be in a modeling academy and loved being around cameras having my photoshoots. It was not until I started High School in the US that I was first introduced to photography in 2017, and I’ve been obsessed with taking pictures ever since. I learned my way through different photography techniques and editing programs and had the opportunity to make incredible content during High School. I realized I wanted to keep doing what I like out of school and I decided to become a Professional Photographer after I graduated in 2019. I started from taking pictures of my friends and family to do it as my job. I love how I am able to capture moments and make people feel connected through the emotions a photo can give them. It's definitely been a journey for me, but I'm happy to continue gaining knowledge, helping people capture their special moments, and making people feel comfortable around my camera.


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Keep each special moment for your baby captured with our monthly membership!

My First Steps

Baby’s first year is full of special memories and milestones, from the first smile to their first steps and laughs. What better way to capture those moments as they fly by real quick with our monthly membership. We make sure you enjoy the first year of your baby and are able to see their growth through the year. By joining our membership you’ll make a precious keepsake to enjoy for years to come.

The membership is for babies/toddlers from the 1st-12th month. All the decorations and props used in the sessions are personalized and unique for each child’s photoshoot. You just have to let us know the theme and we’ll do the rest.

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Christmas Mini Sessions

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My favorite time of the year is just around the corner and I can’t wait to present to you this year’s christmas theme. This session is an incredible opportunity for you to update your family pictures and send it as a gift for your grandparents or other family members.

This year’s Christmas Mini is going to be a “Two in One” session. It is going to be a cozy and relax session where you can bring your matching pijamas. The session will be holding place at my studio located in Winter Garden, FL. It will only be available all weekends from Nov. 25th to Dec. 10th so it’s important that you reserve your spot ahead of time.

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